What is this blog about Meet the girl behind this blog

No one is born looking like an Instagram model. Can you imagine if a baby was born with a six-pack and flowing hair? That’s quite the story for a nurse to tell down the road.


That doesn’t stop most of us from trying to look like “our best self”. Unfortunately, it’s a struggle for pretty much all of us, myself included. That isn’t going to stop me from trying to be fit.


I need to explain that I don’t have a clear picture of what “fit” looks like. I just want to be healthy and happy with myself. These standards might change as time goes on, but right now this where I’m at.


I’ve never been overweight to the point where it was unhealthy. I definitely got close. Coming to college certainly has not helped me in the fit department. Currently I live in a sorority house that serves my meals Monday-Friday. My diet on the weekends usually consists of whatever restaurant I decide to go to. With breakfast being bagels with cream cheese in the mornings.


The “freshman fifteen” wasn’t true for me but I did gain about fifteen pounds between the day I graduated high school and the end of my second semester of junior year.

This led me to make a drastic change. But most changes take time and most importantly, dedication. In the past I got on and off the fit train way too many times to count. I’m certain that this is the time for me to create habits that will help me the rest of my life.


With the help of my fitbit and some youtube/pinterest research I’m on my health journey that is actually realistic. It’s not going to happen over night and it might suck at times, but I really believe I can do this.


I’ll be posting my food, supplement and work out progress on here every week, so look out for that. If you want to keep up with my random shenanigans feel free to follow me on twitter or Instagram.


I know I am not without flaws and I hope that by me sharing my experiences, others will feel drawn to do the same. So be sure to visit often for the hot mess that is my life as I navigate my junior year of college, the starbucks drive thru line and trying to achieve a 4.0 GPA.