Utilizing Pinterest Again

In an effort to get my life a little more under control the last few weeks of the semester, I got back in to Pinterest.


Yes, that app that is “totally for moms” or is the place that you look at all of those hacks that you’ll never try has been my place of peace. Being able to organize and compartmentalize has been soothing to say the least. Here are the best ways I’ve found Pinterest can be applied to the college lifestyle.


First: Organize Your Pinterest Boards

The first thing that’s really needed is for you to clear out your old boards. If you were once an avid Pinterest user like I was, you probably have your fair share of boards that aren’t relevant any more. In the past, I had a hair board that featured lots of long styles that I was never going to try. Now I couldn’t even attempt them since my hair is in a long bob.

I looked through all of my boards and condensed and deleted where I needed. I went from 20+ boards to eight. Think about what you want to use Pinterest for, and know that you can always add more boards when needed.


Learn How to Chef Up Your Life

The summer of 2017 was the first time I had to really fend for myself. Part of that included making lunch and dinner every night. I soon found myself in the habit of boiling water and throwing in some pasta. While pasta is delicious, it’s definitely not the healthiest thing around. Pinterest is great for finding all sorts of lunch and dinner ideas.

I also really like to bake; making sweet treats is sort of calming. You work for a bit and at the end you get a wonderful reward. I’ve been working on everything from perfecting my peanut butter cookie to attempting to give my boyfriend the perfect chocolate chip banana bread.


Outfit/Hair Inspo

One of the original reasons I used Pinterest is now actually useful. I look at other user boards like fashion bloggers and I use these as ideas for business casual and professional outfits. I also like to look at hairstyles before going to the salon. So I can give my stylist an idea of what I want.



One of my favorite things to do is clean my desktop and to have a good background while I do it. I like to use Pinterest to find seasonal backgrounds for both my phone and laptop. It’s easily my quickest growing board,  I know a lot of my friends check it out and pull from it too. I like to switch my backgrounds up rather quickly so I don’t get too bored. This is my favorite new way to utilize Pinterest.



These are just some of the ways you can utilize a changed Pinterest. I’ve had a lot of fun reconstructing my boards and I hope that this inspires you to get back to the pinning lifestyle. I think that as crazy as Pinterest can be sometimes, there really are a lot of useful things on the website, I’m glad I’ve rediscovered it.


So log back in, reorganize your boards, and take charge. Oh, and let me know how it goes!

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