Yes I’m in a sorority

And yes, I’m about to tell you why my sorority is so different from the rest.

Coming on to campus, knew that I wanted to be a part of greek life.  I had even made it a requirement on my list of “must haves” in a college.


Recruitment was somewhat stressful for me, as I’m sure it was for anyone but luckily I made it in to the house I wanted, Kappa Alpha Theta (Theta for short), and the best part of my Drake experience began.


The thing that really stole my heart about Theta is the philanthropy. Theta helps raise money for Iowa CASA training so that more members of the community get trained and are able to combat the horrible situations children in the area are faced with.

Wow bid day was so lit. Photo booth and great lighting for the win!

But the work that my chapter does to raise money for CASA is just the beginning. Every week you can find a different service opportunity that a woman in my chapter is participating in, and she’s usually the one that coordinated it as well. I was really impressed by the number of leaders on campus that are not only in my chapter, but the rest of Fraternity and Sorority life as well.


A huge concern for me is that I wouldn’t feel like I fit in, that I wasn’t molded into the sorority standard. I think that Fraternity and Sorority Life at Drake University is great about assuring both men and women that the different organizations are about building one another up, and I know that sororities on campus are moving towards a values based recruitment.

My pledge class. Look how cute we are.

That’s why I knew I was home when I walked in to Theta. All around me women looked different: different hair colors, skin colors and different kinds of make up if they were wearing make up at all. I didn’t feel like the house had one kind of “look” and I knew that if I joined I wouldn’t feel pressured to have perfect nails, dye my hair blonde, or lose 10 pounds.

When I first joined it didn’t seem like “fitting in” would be a problem and I was right. I’ve never had someone tell me to change something about my appearance; I’ve only ever had complements. I guess that the stereotype of sorority women talking about their appearance and gushing over make up might be true in my personal experience, but I’m glad that’s not the only reason I’m close with my sorority sisters.

Me with my big. (yeah we’re that basic up in here)


Yes, I’m calling them sisters; a term that made me uncomfortable when I first arrived on campus, but two years later and Theta is most certainly a home away from home. So my only advice to you is that if you are thinking of going through recruitment, do it. You can never really grasp how awesome it is until you go through and find your own home away from home.

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