The diet starts…today?

As long as I can remember dieting has been advertised everywhere I look. My parents had subscriptions to Mens Health, People and even the local grocery store magazine; as a result I always saw “10 ways to lose 10 pounds by the end of…” insert a season, holiday or just a ridiculously short amount of time and you’ve got an article on the front of a magazine. Weight Watchers and Lean Cuisine ads filled commercial time between TV shows and gym member promotions were constantly being left in my mailbox.

But what I’ve noticed more recently is the number of ads targeted towards women. I’m a big believer in self-acceptance, I even admired my freckles before they became a festival trend, but I don’t try to pretend that I’m healthy. That doesn’t mean that I hate my body, there are days where I feel great and days where I feel like trash, but I also think about how to go about changing those feelings.

The real problem with diets, in my personal opinion is that diets are pitched as these short-term miracles that will get a person down to their goal weight and then they can go back to their regular eating habits. That is not okay nor is it even remotely true. If you are bloated and feel gross after a pint of ice cream, you will probably still feel bloated and gross when you eat a pint of ice cream, even if you weigh 15 pounds less than you did.

So while my goal might be to lose some weight, my overall goal should be to be healthy. To stay healthy for more than 10 minutes and to acknowledge that there are definitely days where I’m going to eat a pint of ben and jerry’s with gummy bears added in.

Follow along on my Instagram as become basic and post photos exclusively of my heathy food. If you really need any other proof that I’m not at all exaggerating, these are my meals from last night and this morning:

Greek yogurt and mixed berry smoothie, Special K with berries and honey on top.

Greek yogurt, PB2 and honey mixed together with honeycrisp apples on top.

So there you have my first attempts of being healthy while living in a fraternity house all summer. Two hours away from my parents and trying to be #fitgoals. Stay tuned because I’m sure this is going to be quite the adventure.

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