Kylie vs. Jeffree: The Holiday Collection Battle

Kylie Jenner and Jeffree Star are both world famous. Jenner is famous for her family ties and Star for his part in the Drag Race scene and the YouTube industry. Both are passionate about make up, both put out holiday collections. Today I’m going to explain why you shouldn’t buy either. Let me break this down for you and help you save some money.


Packaging: Glitter vs. Unclear


The holiday collection for Jeffree features a dusted glitter effect. Photo from Jeffree Star’s website.

Holiday collections come and go, while the packaging might be appealing, (it’s literally the best part about Jeffree’s collection) it should not be the only reason you buy something unless you are making enough money to spend 20+ dollars on a wall decoration. Kylie’s was all over the place this collection, some was green, some was white and silver glitter was just kind of thrown in there. Not being consistent is what really gave Jeffree the W in this category.


Unique Items: Kylie Wet Set vs. Jeffree Highlighter Palette


Jeffree used his holiday collection to launch what I think will be permanent highlighter palettes, something he has been promising to waiting fans for months. Since they are new and launched with the holiday collection. The eagerness of fans was proven as these have already been restocked while being out for less than a month. Jeffree is known for stocking enough product in his initial release that every buyer has a fair chance at buying the product. So the fact that these sold out in a little over 24 hours proves how popular they really are.


The Wet Set is available for $62 on Jenner’s website. Photo from

To balance out the highlighter kits from Jeffree, Kylie has what

she calls The Wet Set. This product originally launched in her summer collection, but she only restocked it once and it was sold out in less than 24 hours. Jenner release new colors for her holiday collection but this edition doesn’t seem to be as popular as her summer collection, lasting for a few days before being restocked. Kylie Cosmetics sells out much quicker than most companies, but her competitors have suggested that she doesn’t stock as much product right away so she can announce how quickly she sold out of things.


There is no clear winner here as it really depends on preference of colors, The Wet Set has been described as “The best thing Kylie Cosmetics has ever put out…” but this collection of highlighters from Jeffree is great if you want to travel with some diversity.


Actual Lipsticks and Final Thoughts


This really depends on preference of formula, I think the colors in Kylie’s collection are a lot more wearable but Jeffree has some colors in his collection that would look nice on a paler skin tone. I think there are a few things worth looking at, but over all I would suggest saving your money for another collection.

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