Dark Circles: How to Keep Them at Bay

College can make you tired, being tired can make your under eye areas darker, which isn’t always flattering. If you want to rock your dark circles, be my guest! But if you’d rather not let the world know you are keeping it together after only four hours of sleep and a venti coffee then read on.

What You Can Do for Dark Circles at Night

Dark circle prevention starts the night before. I always make sure I’m using an under eye cream at night because that is the area of the face with the thinnest skin, so it’s important that it is properly moisturized.


The chamomile eye cream is great to put on right before bed.

If my skin is feeling particularly dry I’ll go for the Mario Badescu Chamomile eye cream because I know it won’t make me feel greasy when I wake up but will still really hydrate. It’s also great for all skin types.



This GinZing eye cream is great to brighten and depuff under eyes.

If I know that my dark circles are going to be a problem in the morning, I use the Origins GinZing eye cream. It’s a brightening eye cream that isn’t as hydrating as the Mario Badescu, but the GinZing has caffeine in it so it really wakes up the skin. Sometimes I’ll wear the GinZing eye cream during the day without make up on just to add some brightness to my under eyes.


What You Can Do for Dark Circles During the Day

This peachy corrector is great for fair to medium skin tones.

When it comes to make up I like to start with a color corrector, my current favorite is the City Color Photo Chic Dark Spot Corrector. It’s a thin cream based color corrector that looks peachy on the skin, not bright orange like some other correctors you can find at the drugstore.


This concealer might be high end, but it’s worth every penny once you realize how good it is.

To finish concealing my dark circles I have been loving the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under eye Illumination. The first time I tried this on I was startled when I looked in the mirror because up until that point I truly had never seen myself with out dark under eyes. You need the smallest amount of product to cover up any sort of darkness on your face and I really believe it is a great product.


Once I finish with some setting powder I’m out the door, ready to take on the day.


What do you use to cover up your dark circles? Let me know in the comments below, or tweet me!

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